Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself – How Your Subconscious Mind Keeps You From Becoming Successful

We often use self-limiting beliefs in our lives that keep us from being happy or reaching our full potential in life. If you are one of these people, do not feel bad as this is common among most people. Self limiting beliefs about yourself can keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. Once you understand how they effect you, however, you may be motivated to break free of them and start loving yourself once again.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself: To begin with, let’s examine three self-limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself. First, you may believe that you cannot have enough money, no matter how much you earn. Second, you may think that no one will ever love you, even if you are a great person. Finally, you may feel that you are unable to achieve anything meaningful in life, unless you change these three beliefs.

In fact, changing one of the self-limiting beliefs listed above can dramatically improve your life. For example, if you believe that you cannot have enough money, you might get very frustrated if money was tight all of the time and did not seem to go away no matter what you did. By replacing this belief with the more realistic “I do have enough money” belief, suddenly you feel better about yourself. You are also less stressed because you no longer focus on having money, you focus on living a good life. Your actions therefore reflect this new belief.

The first step to overcoming these self-limiting beliefs is to examine why you hold them. It could be that you were raised in a home where earning money was only possible if you were able to achieve some level of success early in your life. You were probably encouraged to set lofty goals for yourself so that you would feel like you had achieved something. Of course, now that you are middle aged and have more money, you no longer see reasons to have those same lofty goals because you have achieved everything you set out to do.

One of the most common ways that your self-limiting beliefs are holding you back is by telling you that you are not smart enough, educated enough, talented enough, or capable enough to achieve any of the goals you set out to achieve. Here’s the deal: those things are true! They are true because they are part of who you are. In other words, they are an overpowering emotion that determines what you do in life. If you start believing that those things are true, then you will never be able to achieve them no matter how hard you try.

The next way that self-limiting beliefs are keeping you from achieving your goals is by telling you that there are too many people who already have what you think you want or need. You have to remember that just because someone else has reached a goal does not mean that you are going to reach it as well. Just because they have done it doesn’t mean that you can either. And no matter how much you may think you are good enough for the job that’s on the line doesn’t mean you are good enough for success in general.

Another way that your subconscious mind is keeping you from achieving success is by telling you that it will be impossible for you to do. This usually comes in the form of a negative thought such as, “It will be difficult for me to do,” or “I won’t be able to get this job or accomplish this goal.” The truth is that all you have to do is look at the successful people in the world to see what it takes to achieve their goals. That includes not only great wealth but also amazing accomplishments that span not only their own personal lives but the lives of everyone they have touched in some way.

When you are working to overcome self-limiting beliefs about yourself, you must first replace them with new beliefs that are more positive. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write down what you tell yourself in your mind on a regular basis, day after day. Once you start doing this, you will begin to realize that your negative beliefs are not actually true. Instead of thinking something like, “I can’t do this,” or “It will be impossible for me to do,” replace those thoughts with statements like, “I can do this and I will.” Once you replace a negative belief with a new belief, you will then begin to see that your progress will increase. Soon, you will find that your new belief about yourself will be one that others find encouraging and that you will be able to accomplish the new goals that you set for yourself.