Self Limiting Beliefs – How to Recognize Them and Take Control

Self-limiting beliefs are just like self sabotaging habits. They keep you from reaching your full potential. They are a form of mental obstruction. Learn how to break these self-limiting beliefs and you will realize an entirely new and empowered you!

The most common self-limiting beliefs are: First, that you are not nice enough, you are not pretty or skinny enough, you are not pretty or smart enough, you are too young or too old. Second, that you do not know enough or do not have the right skill set to make a change in your career. Third, that you do not understand how to succeed at your current job and are old enough to know better. Fourth, that you have bad genes or are cursed.

Break through your self-limiting beliefs and adopt a new belief. What is a new belief? A belief that is motivated by what you truly want – something that will attract abundance, health, happiness, peace, creativity and success into your life. A new belief will change your focus, make you more positive and help you manage difficult emotions. Once you understand this concept, it will become easier for you to break through your self-limiting beliefs.

Here are some simple steps to achieve change: First, write down your self-limiting beliefs in a journal. Record when the belief was formed, who created it and what it said to you. You will be surprised at the variety of self-limiting beliefs and how easily you can tap into your subconscious mind to change them.

When you feel a negative emotion such as anxiety or anger, replace it with a positive emotion such as happiness, hope or love. Replace a negative belief with a positive emotion. Remind yourself often how your self-limiting beliefs are harmful and must be replaced with new beliefs in order to achieve the results you desire. This will reinforce the idea that you are what you say you are and that your actions are controlling your destiny.

You may have a hard time changing your self-limiting beliefs because they are stuck deep within your subconscious mind. If this is the case, the next step is to find a journal to record your thoughts and feelings. Journaling is a powerful personal expression of self and a powerful tool to help you uncover your own identity. It is important to keep journals throughout the day and write down anything that occurs to you, no matter how small the thoughts or feelings.

Finally, develop and follow a smart, positive attitude to keep us motivated and inspired. We need to believe in ourselves so that we can begin to believe in our goals. By keeping a journal, sharing it with others, and listening to music that makes us feel good, we can regain control over our self limiting beliefs. In doing so, we can make a conscious choice to believe in ourselves and, in turn, keep us motivated. With the right attitude, you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

In conclusion, knowing what your self-limiting beliefs are and learning how to change them, can help you succeed in any goal you set forth to attain. You will no longer allow yourself to feel like everything is your fault. Instead, you will be inspired to take responsibility for your own actions and feelings and feel empowered instead of depressed and defeated. Self-awareness and journaling will not only enhance your life, but will also make you feel more capable and beautiful than ever before.