Simple Ways to Develop Your Self-Esteem

There are different ways to develop self esteem

What is self esteem? Self esteem is the personal assessment of a person’s value to themselves and others. It encompasses various psychological states, including inner fears, positive or negative beliefs, and attitudes, including happiness, sadness, gui..

What is Growth Mindset?

Journaling is one of the way to check if you have growth mindset

What is a growth mindset? It is an essential concept in successful management and personal productivity. It was defined by the psychologists James Rotton and Robert Cialdini as a mindset whereby a person considers his self-worth as higher than other people do. In psychological systems … Read more

Women In Leadership

Professional women and her leadership style is different from her male colleagues.

Women in leadership roles have always existed in some shape or form, but are often overlooked or misunderstood. Many people have the mistaken belief that a woman can never be successful in business or leadership positions, and this is actually an erroneous view. Women can … Read more

What Is Confidence? And How Can You Work On It?

Confidence turns thoughts into actions. There’s no easy and clear description of self-confidence. You know it when you see it! Where is confidence coming from: What you born with How you are treated Choices you make, the risks you take, and how you  think about … Read more

Improve Your Self-Esteem With Positive Thinking

Positive thinking plays a big role in improving your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a person’s personal subjective assessment of how good they feel about themselves. It includes positive emotional states like happiness, success, pride, sadness, and shame, as well as positive beliefs about themselves, such as competence, independence, courage, and so forth. One of the main … Read more