Self Development – How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

Many times we find that we have limiting beliefs. Maybe we were told by parents, peers or society in general that these are the only things that are important. They tell us to do this are the only things that are acceptable. This is not only ineffective, but it can also be very detrimental to us.

When we develop limiting beliefs, we stop learning and growing. We become stuck in a pattern of negative self-talk and action. There are two types of people: those who have no limiting beliefs and those who have them but feel they are right. I have seen both types of people and done both same thing. And I’d like to examine why this is so.

First off, why do we even have limiting beliefs in the first place? The answer is fairly obvious. We are not always given 100% control over any circumstance that we find ourselves in. It’s unfortunate but true that some circumstances just happen and we are left with little choice but to believe what the person who caused the problem says is true. Limiting beliefs are often the result of being told a story that does not match up with our values.

For example, if you were told that you are supposed to believe that money is the root of all evil, you would probably think that this was true. Unfortunately, you would be limiting your self-esteem because you are convinced that it is true. On the other hand, if you were told that money is something that is earned, you would not limit yourself with this belief. In fact, you would be quite eager to earn money so you don’t have to limit yourself.

It’s sad, but many people do have these limiting beliefs. Sometimes it’s not intentional but there’s no getting around it. What causes these beliefs? Usually it’s something that was said or heard during childhood. Maybe something was said by someone who didn’t look like they had the ability to understand or believe at the time. The result is that these beliefs become engraved into us.

Limiting beliefs are mostly learned. It’s unfortunate but that is how we’ve grown. We have been sheltered and have had to believe many things that are now being viewed as nonsense. When we try to question our conditioning and try to change those limiting beliefs, many times we get discouraged.

Yet limiting beliefs work even if the facts do not match up with what we’ve been taught. You can’t just have something taken away from you and not have to worry about it affecting you negatively. You can only hope that you learn to trust in the right thing. Limiting beliefs are learned behaviors and if you want to grow and become healthy as an individual, you need to learn how to rid yourself of these damaging beliefs.

One of the most powerful ways of doing that is through the Law of Attraction. This is a principle that is used in almost everything we do in life. If you don’t believe something is bad, then it probably is. When you believe something is bad, you bring into your life bad things. If you’ve learned that limiting beliefs are bad, it will be very easy to eradicate them. Once you remove them, you’ll be free and clear and able to use the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams.

Once you remove a limiting belief, you won’t have to fear that it’s going to take away things that you’d really love to have. This will put you on the road to learning how to let go of negative beliefs. You’ve learned that they are negative, so now it is time to let go of that concept. Instead of thinking that way, tell yourself that these beliefs are simply beliefs and that you’re going to let go.

You don’t have to explain why you have a belief. Just state it and allow it to be as it is. As soon as you have this new belief, you’ll feel free and clear. This will help you to discard previous limiting beliefs and you’ll be ready to move forward.

Remember, all you have to do is change a single belief and watch the results happen. As long as you have the power to think positively, the Law of Attraction will help you get what you want out of life. Once you have a strong sense of belief, you can start over and begin your journey toward changing your limiting beliefs.