Self-Esteem Vs Ego – A Comparison

Do you find yourself struggling with the concept of how to build self-esteem vs. ego? Do you feel as if your ego is really stopping you from being successful? These two concepts are actually quite opposite, but they seem to be polar opposites. It’s not as if they are mutually exclusive though. If you can learn to balance these two, you’ll find that you will have a much more positive view of yourself.

Ego and self-esteem are both built on the same foundations. Your level of self-esteem or confidence is rooted in your personal values and your level of motivation. You can build self-esteem and ego at the same time. In fact, you can use these two as your very own confidence boosters. Here are some tips on how you can get started.

Be realistic with yourself about what you hope to gain out of life. Do you expect to be wealthy one day? Be realistic about what you are trying to achieve. If you have goals that seem unattainable right now, write them down – even big goals. And then take action towards them. This doesn’t mean that you should jump right into starting a new job if you have a negative outlook on life.

Take the time to write down your goals so that you have something tangible to look at each day that you can go back to. When it comes to your self-esteem, sometimes it can help to have a goal in the back of your mind. Focus on reaching the goal each day for a certain period of time. When you do reach it, celebrate your achievement and ask yourself how you were able to make it happen. This is an excellent exercise in your goal setting, because you’ll be able to see yourself achieving more over time.

On the other hand, when your goals don’t seem attainable or you feel like you’re wasting your time, that’s when your self-esteem takes a dive. Your ego can easily get in the way of seeing the opportunities for improvement. The problem with a low self-esteem is that it prevents you from changing things for the better. Your ego will tell you that you don’t deserve it and that you’re simply a failure. Your confidence will be low, and this prevents you from taking any actions to improve your situation.

Over time, both your self-esteem and confidence can become so tied to what society expects from you. If your family and friends judge you constantly, it can have a negative effect on your self-esteem and confidence. It can lower your self-confidence to the point where you begin to think negatively of everything. When you’ve been conditioned by others to believe a negative view of life, this tends to be how your view of life becomes. By avoiding these circumstances, you’ll be less likely to change your behavior and your patterns of thinking.

People with high self-esteem and confidence decide that life is going to be a great day. They don’t care what goes on around them and they don’t let trivial issues such as what to wear for the day to keep them from being happy. It doesn’t matter if something is a drag, they go ahead and wear it anyway. They don’t give their ego a chance to rebel and they always feel great about themselves. This allows them to live a successful, satisfying life.

The difference between high self-esteem and low confidence is how confident you are about everything in your life. If you don’t think much of yourself, you won’t feel much of anything else, either. You have to be confident in all aspects of your life and your relationships. If you have low self-esteem because you believe others are judging you all the time, you won’t have confidence in yourself to accomplish much in your life at all.