Self Limiting Beliefs Around Money – Break Free by Learning How to Eliminate Them

Limiting beliefs can be described as limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a false belief that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. It prevents you from taking risks, enjoying new experiences, challenging existing beliefs and accepting responsibility for ones own actions. For example: You believe that you should never make mistakes.

We all have these kinds of limiting beliefs. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume that we are not living in a perfect world. Meaning that we cannot control every aspect of the universe. But we do have some control over our thinking. If you have limiting beliefs like these, you will almost always do what you have always done.

Here are some self-limiting beliefs that you might want to get rid of. I call them self-limiting beliefs because, although they are very limiting, they are also self-reinforcing. You keep repeating them over, “I am never going to make enough money.” Or “If I have more self-control, I can always make enough money.” Or “It is so hard to start my own business.” These beliefs can keep you in your comfort zone, instead of letting yourself go.

To break free of your self limiting beliefs around money, you need to identify your problem first. This means you need to go inside of yourself and figure out what is it that is stopping you from reaching your goals. You have to really focus on what it is that you fear. Once you know the cause of your beliefs, you can then begin to remove those limiting beliefs.

One example of a self-limiting belief around money is this: If I am ever going to be financially secure, I am not going to let myself get into an exciting financial situation. Instead, I will make sure I am prepared for all eventualities, and I will not take an opportunity to change careers. You can change careers, and you should, but you shouldn’t let your security is threatened by it. So if you’re afraid of letting yourself go, change careers and remove this belief.

Another example of a self-limiting belief is this: I will never be able to buy the things I desire. This belief is just a belief, and like all beliefs, it’s self-reinforcing if you continue to hold it. So start challenging those limiting beliefs around money by thinking about what you really want. Once you have identified your biggest motivator for wanting to achieve your goals, then you can work towards removing this limiting belief.