Self Limiting Beliefs – How To Challenge Them & Become Smart Enough To Succeed

These self-limiting beliefs are the biggest obstacle we face in life. If you are carrying any of these around in your mind, you are not going to achieve anything in life. This article will help you break through these negative beliefs that hold you back from succeeding in life. This will give you the tools to build your own self confidence and get rid of your self limiting beliefs. Let’s take a look at each of them.

General Self-Limiting Beliefs: I am not nice or pretty enough. I do not have nice clothes or a pretty house. Everyone is better than me. I am too young or not pretty enough to be successful.

Feelings of inadequacy: I feel that I am not as smart or attractive as other people. I may try to be more attractive, but this will only make me feel even worse about myself. I will also have a hard time trying new things. My new beliefs about myself will prevent me from taking action in new areas. If you carry any of these self limiting beliefs around in your mind, then you will never be happy.

Use The IQ Matrix for your help. You can create your own customized self-limiting beliefs and then use the IQ Matrix to reinforce them. The more you feel positive about yourself, the more your mind will attract positive things. When you use the IQ Matrix you will reinforce your new beliefs and make them stronger. They will be stronger, because they are based on real data from scientific studies about human behavior.

Step One: Write down what you are going to write in your journal. You will want to make sure it is a sincere reflection of your goals. You will want to use your journal to challenge your self-limiting beliefs, and to form your new positive self-talk. You can use your IQ Matrix for help with this step if needed.

Second: Read through your journal and decide where you would like to focus most of your attention when you are journaling. Once you have developed your self-talk using the IQ Matrix method, use this same method to challenge your current limiting beliefs. You may find that you need to write about things you have always taken for granted – such as how great your job is. Or maybe you took your lack of confidence for granted – such as not having good social skills. These can be tough to read once you are starting to notice them, so you might want to start out slow and read about each one in small sections and focus on each one as you work on it.

Third: Continue to challenge your self-limiting beliefs one at a time. This can be done by recognizing that they do not make sense and removing them one at a time. The process will take some time, but it will be worth it because you will finally be smart enough to let go of any bad or limiting belief. The more you let go of these, the more intelligent and confident you will become. And this is important to your success.

Finally: You can use the tools of the IQ Matrix in combination with your journaling to keep challenging those self-limiting beliefs on a daily basis. By writing things down and then reading them back, you can continue to challenge your own self and help to build your new positive self-talk. If you continue to use the IQ Matrix you will find yourself smarter and better able to handle all types of challenges in life. And this alone can help you achieve all kinds of success.