Self Limiting Beliefs – Why Journaling Is So Important For Your Success

How many of us have these self-limiting beliefs? They’re probably doing more harm than good to our self-image. They’re keeping us from reaching our full potential in all areas of life. In this article I’ll be discussing what these beliefs are and how we can work to remove them from our lives.

The first self-limiting beliefs that we have are: general limiting beliefs about ourselves. These include the belief that: I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty or attractive enough, I’m not smart or talented enough. Most of us have these beliefs to one degree or another. If we didn’t have them, it would be very difficult to move forward with achieving success in any area of life. Even if we’re not conscious of having these beliefs, they subconsciously affect every decision we make.

So, the next time you decide to go for that new job or take that new business opportunity, take a moment to ask yourself if you’re using these new beliefs to direct you. Can you feel them directing you? This is the exact moment when you realize that your self-limiting beliefs about yourself are stopping you from being successful in the life you want. In order to be truly successful in anything, you must begin to challenge those self-limiting beliefs.

Here’s the key to challenging your self-limiting beliefs. You have to use the emotion of “ranja” (pronounced rah-nuh) in conjunction with visualization. Have you ever used visualization before to turn something you’ve previously believed to be true into a reality? Did it work? It most definitely worked.

This technique is based on the law of attraction and also on self-hypnosis. What happens is this: You envision a situation in which you are the only person in the whole world making any decisions or that people are only as smart as you make them believe. It might sound like a bunch of nonsense but believe me it works. Once you’ve been able to apply this concept in your daily life, you will soon find yourself making better choices and having less conflict. The key to keeping us in self-limiting beliefs is to keep us in the state of self-hypnosis and visualization where we have to think, act, and feel like we are the only ones making the decisions and everyone else is simply stupid.

The more you practice this the more comfortable you will become with it. As you begin to use the emotion of “ranja” consistently, you will notice that your self-limiting beliefs begin to shift. Your brain will then start to believe that it is YOU making all of the important decisions and everyone else is just stupid. If you continue to practice this, you will soon be able to stop yourself from thinking you are stupid, and stop yourself from having to deal with those negative self limiting beliefs.

One of the ways that you can continue to strengthen your self-limiting beliefs is to write them down. You can write them in a journal if you want too. You don’t even need a fancy paper because just about anything will do. It’s important though that you not just write about anything. Many of our subconscious mind’s favorite books and articles are those that deal with issues, fears, successes, failures, etc.

As you read each one of these you will begin to notice that they all have things in common. When you read them in order, you will see that there is usually a statement that says something to the effect of “you are what you think” or something similar. This means that if you want to change your self-limiting beliefs then you must first change the thoughts that you have about yourself. If you continue to feel like you are worthless then you are worthless. By changing the way you view yourself you will be able to reach your goals much faster.