Self Limiting Beliefs You Should Discard

Self limiting beliefs creep up on us; sometimes without us even noticing it. Even when believe based beliefs all around us, a self limiting belief can easily rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times and completely halt in its tracks or make matters feel much harder than they really should be. We often have these limiting beliefs without even knowing it. Here are 7 of the most common self limiting beliefs and how you can break free from them.

If you are like most people your belief that you are above the law of attraction holds sway over most of what you do in life. This is particularly the case with your beliefs about yourself. If you believe that you are helpless, or that you cannot control anything, then the way things will turn out is going to be much more difficult than if you believe that you can and that only you have the power to control what happens. You are going to need to break free of this self limiting beliefs now.

Self limiting beliefs about your intelligence level are pretty common and many of us hold them subconsciously. If you believe that you are not smart enough to do things on your own then you are going to be very disappointed with the results that you get. You need to get rid of your self limiting beliefs about being smart enough, because there is plenty of room on the inside for everyone to achieve great things.

Another of the self-limiting beliefs that you may have is that you must do things the way you are “ordered” to do them. If you believe that this is true you will almost inevitably be stuck in the same beliefs for the rest of your life. You must learn to replace any belief that you hold about having to follow a certain path with a new belief that is more positive and less dependent on things that you must do. You can create your own new beliefs and you can live your life based on them.

One of the biggest self-limiting beliefs that most people hold is that they must be “good enough”. Most of the time this belief is based on the fact that you have been conditioned through negative messages from parents, friends, or the media to believe that you must be perfect. The truth is that you are only as good as the way you allow yourself to be. You can choose to be anything that you want to be and there is no requirement that you give up anything to get it. If you choose to follow a certain path to get where you want to go then so be it, but there is no reason to think that you must be poor, unintelligent, or incapable.

One other of the self-limiting beliefs that you should discard is that you feel overwhelmed by any kind of situation that you may find yourself in. You will quickly learn that it is okay to feel overwhelmed if you start taking baby steps and start taking small steps. It is very important that you do not focus on the outcome of a situation but rather on the process that you are taking in resolving the issue. As you begin to become more aware of how your thoughts and actions lead you to create more efficient channels of communication with others then you will find that you are much calmer and happier. As a result of changing the way you think you will also start to become more in touch with what you actually desire in life.

Another of the self-limiting beliefs that you should discard is that you think that you must have a certain amount of possessions. Many times we base these types of beliefs on the fear that if we don’t have enough material possessions then we won’t be able to impress someone important enough to us. But the truth of the matter is that there is no requirement for you to possess more than you can reasonably afford. In fact, possessions are a means to an end and a true indicator of how successful you are at life. So in the final analysis, if you think that you must have all of the new stuff then you are probably stuck in your ways and really haven’t learned anything by following the old beliefs that are detrimental to you.

Here is another one of the self-limiting beliefs: that you are not in control of situations. This statement basically states that you believe that you do not have complete control over the outcome of any given situation. This in reality is totally untrue, since you have the ability to control the outcome of any situation. If you believe that you cannot be in charge of a particular situation then you are limiting your own power because you are not in control of it. The best way to increase your level of control is by simply believing that you are in total control of everything and then you will be able to utilize all of the positive resources that you possess to the best of your abilities.