Self-Worth Quiz: What Female Archetypes Define You?

Female archetypes are the images that can be formed in our minds about what a woman is able to achieve in her life. These archetypes do not exist in reality but we all have some degree of them in us. For most people the archetypes that they consider most common are the mother, the child, the healer, the warrior, the faithful, and the wise person. These archetypes do not even need to be limited to these four archetypes. They can come in many forms and many ways depending on how deep we go in our perception of ourselves.

The mother is perhaps the archetypal image of a woman. She is nurturing and empathetic and comes with two cycles of energy. At the first of these two cycles a new life is born into the world as a baby and at the second cycle she becomes old and weary and starts to slow down and take things easy. In the middle of these two cycles is the realization that the mother has passed on and this is a time when she must now decide what she wants to do with her own life.

The child is another of the many female archetypes that we can identify with. The most common archetypal character in a child is the mother archetype, especially in stories where the mother is the protagonist and the savior of her children. In fairy tales, especially, and also in stories of children going through different stages in their lives, there will often be a beautiful young girl who must overcome some sort of trauma in order to become the protagonist and take the story to its conclusion.

The healer is also one of the more common archetypes used to represent the feminine gender. Often, the character will have a special ability or gift that helps people or that is of use to those around her. The healer can be compared to the mother, but the function they play is entirely different. The mother is often depicted as being protective of her child, but the role of the healer is much more utilitarian. These are some of the most common female character archetypes, although there are many others that could be considered to fit into these categories.

Finally, we have the warrior and the wonder woman. Often, these two archetypes will overlap and can even be used interchangeably. A warrior is someone who fights for their beliefs and principles, and in many cases is depicted physically as a male equivalent of a warrior princess. They will have strong, aggressive, and memorable personalities. Wonder women, on the other hand, are often seen as delicate and sensitive, often taking on the role of a nurturing mother. They will have strong, intelligent personalities, and be drawn to the confident and brave warrior personality.

The maiden is one of the more difficult archetypes to portray. Most female archetypes associated with maidens represent some form of desire or need, whereas the warrior and wonder woman represent qualities that are offered up to the gods. The maiden is usually depicted as a symbol of purity, since most modern cultures view unmarried women as bound for child bearing and must therefore be shielded from temptation. In many mythologies, the maiden is an embodiment of youthful exuberance and hope, sometimes being offered the hand of the god in order to be purified. When representing the modern woman, it is important to remember that the archetypes of the Maid and the Warrior are not always similar.

So which is the most common female archetypes? The fighter and the crusader are probably close to the top of the list. Every culture has a different interpretation of what these archetypes mean. In general, however, the fighter is considered to be bold, ambitious, and focused. Crusaders are often considered to be religious believers, willing to put their lives on the line for their beliefs. While it might seem like the fighter and crusader are polar opposites, the similarities between the two archetypes become clear when you examine the specifics.

If you want to learn more about archetypes and how you can build your own life around them, take the time to complete a self-worth quiz on the web. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Instead, use the available resources to find out what you have to know. A little work and effort can go a long way towards unleashing your inner potential, so get to work right now and start developing your full potential.