The 4th Step For the Freedom Movement

Limiting beliefs are nothing but false assumptions about life situations which come directly from your own perceptions of life situations. To have any kind of beneficial impact, our attitudes must be as near to reality as we can possibly get. Limiting beliefs and misleading ourselves with fictitious realities can mean that we never achieve great goals and dreams in life.

One of the primary limiting beliefs that holds many people back when it comes to making positive changes in their lives is the idea that failure is impossible and that nothing can ever go wrong. When facing a challenge, it is easy to convince ourselves that we are beyond help, that victory is against us and that we will never see success. This kind of thinking prevents us from ever trying again, and it prevents us from changing careers and ultimately from changing any life path that we might choose.

The first step to changing your limiting beliefs about yourself, your ability and your life path is to examine those statements you make about yourself on a daily basis. If you find these statements to be true and are unwilling to change them, then it is time to start taking a hard look at what you believe. The next step is to really evaluate each of these limiting beliefs individually. For each one you identify, you can replace it with a more realistic and positive belief.

Many people suffer from a number of limiting beliefs and are convinced that these are true. If you find that you are holding these beliefs incorrectly, then it is time to start eliminating them. Some examples of these beliefs include: That I am not capable of doing anything, that I won’t ever be successful, that I cannot change my fate, that I will never be happy, that I will never find the love of my life or a career that I want. You can see from this list, how many common human errors and misconceptions are mistaken. All of these beliefs can be changed and you have probably made a few of them on a daily basis.

One example of a common belief that is often held in our society is that: You must have enough money to get by. This statement is obviously false, as no one has to spend money. In fact, you only need to focus on the amount of money you spend and how that affects your life. As long as you understand that money is merely a means to an end and that you have the power to create abundance using your mind, you will be able to remove this limiting belief from your mind forever. There is no need for any person to feel limited because of lack of money.

Another example of limiting beliefs is that: I must be loyal, consistent, stoic, and have unbreakable character. It is very easy to fall into this belief system and even recognizing the truth that your behavior is inappropriate. You must realize that it is you that determines your success or failure and not anyone else. With the right tools, you can begin to analyze your thought processes and determine whether you are holding yourself back by holding these erroneous beliefs.

A third example of these beliefs is that: I don’t have any dreams or goals. Once again, once you recognize that you are holding yourself back, you can begin to explore what drives you and what inspires you. Do you ever wonder what it takes for you to wake up in the morning and dream about something new? Or what does it take to motivate you to reach your goals? Once you discover what holds you back and you learn to harness your subconscious power, you will be able to unlock the doors to unlimited success and abundance.

The fourth step forward is to find the tools and resources necessary to assist you in reaching your goals. The fact is that most people simply do not have the vast number of resources necessary to succeed and they will continue to hold you back by holding these limiting beliefs. Achieving your goals will require that you invest time, energy, and some money into educating yourself about your mind and your life experiences so that you can change the limiting beliefs in your life. It is only then that you will be able to realize your true potential and become a fully realized human being.