The Importance of Assertiveness

The importance of assertiveness in the organization is that it often helps in finding practical and realistic solutions to issues. There are so many obstacles on the way, but confident I can always find solutions with creative thinking. The need for an assertive approach has become more important than ever as organizations try to be more proactive in dealing with various problems. The challenge is finding the right balance, where the employee is not overbearing, yet there is a clear sense of purpose. Here are some ways you can practice assertiveness and have more impact at work.

o Increase your self-esteem: While working with others on a daily basis, your sense of self-esteem and self-confidence play a major role. You must know that the greatest contributors to success are self-starters, self-trust, and having a sense of achievement. All of these values can be improved by an increased amount of assertiveness. While being assertive, make sure that you are not too aggressive or intimidating.

o Accept criticism with a smile: Criticisms are a part of the learning process, and most importantly you need to learn to accept them with a smile. Many people are quick to criticize us, and they can be very harsh. Accepting what we say with a smile shows that we are interested in the feedback, and that we are willing to work on the situation to improve. If you respond with anger when someone makes a negative comment about your behavior, or your outfit, chances are you will also be defensive and harsh with other people.

o Be positive and proactive: It is important to remember that your behavior, not your physical appearance, is the result of a psychological trait. Most people who exhibit assertiveness lack self-confidence, and are often aggressive. To improve this behavior, learn to be positive and proactive. When you act with confidence, and assertiveness, you will be seen as more desirable in the long run.

o Practice assertiveness regularly: Although this does not directly pertain to assertiveness, this important trait can have a direct impact on improving your performance and advancing in your career. If you are confident and pushy, others will become frustrated with your brashness, and they will likely do their best to avoid you. However, if you act with assertiveness, you will become less annoying to those around you. Therefore, being a little bit more assertive can actually help you move up the corporate ladder, and increase your earning potential.

The three traits described above are crucial to improving your self-image, building strong self-esteem, and advancing in your career. The ability to communicate, manage time well, and be assertive are all skills that can help you grow. If you display any of these behaviors, and you work on them consistently, you will find yourself advancing in your career much quicker. While you may not see results immediately, learning to be more assertive will have a positive impact on your personal life in the future. You will be viewed as more desirable, and your career will flourish as a result.