The Importance of Growth Mindset and Intelligence for Success

What is a growth mindset? It can be defined as the ability to view and evaluate one’s own behavior, choices, and responses to events in one’s own environment and its relationship to the external world and other people. Growth mindset is about gaining control over our own responses to life, which often leads us into a state of self-deception and denial of our real capabilities. With the development of the ability to see ourselves and others through a “growth” perspective comes the ability to challenge our limited perceptions and open up to new possibilities. A growth mindset is the foundation for personal success and the improvement of one’s life experience.

In all human systems and perception theory, a growing mindset is simply a set of overall attitudes, tactics, or ideas held by a single individual or group of individuals. The “growth mindset” can also be referred to as the intelligence of the mind. Just like intelligence can be defined in four basic qualities, so can growth mindset. These are the following:

Intelligence – the ability to learn and apply new skills or to learn how to use one’s existing skill sets. Growth mindset is all about applying what you have learned and utilizing those new skills to overcome new challenges. Therefore, someone with this mindset will be capable of overcoming any obstacles thrown their way. When we refer to growth mindset, this means that the individual will be less likely to procrastinate or shy away from new opportunities because they see them as too challenging.

Dedication – someone who possesses the growth mindset will be far more likely to take on new things instead of letting them pass by. They will see new opportunities as an opportunity to get smarter. People who have a fixed mindset are far less likely to get smart because they are not open minded. People with growth mindset are far less likely to be closed off to new things because they view them as an opportunity to get smarter and do more.

Flexibility – growth mindset individuals tend to be far more flexible than those with a fixed mindset. This means that the individual can adapt to any number of circumstances. People with intelligence issues usually have very rigid mindsets and get stuck in whatever way they are taught. With growth mindset, you can be far more flexible and adaptable – traits which help you be a better person.

Perseverance – those with a growth mindset are far less likely to give up on challenges. You can keep going until you have succeeded. Those with a fixed mindset give up before even attempting anything meaningful. With growth mindset, you are less likely to quit because you are persistent.

Growth mentality also allows you to realize your potential rather than having blinders on your talents. You can use your potential to reach your goals and make your abilities better. Individuals with a fixed mindset are not aware of their abilities and can never improve upon their abilities due to not knowing what their abilities are.

When using growth mindset to increase your intelligence, you will realize your true potential. This will motivate you to push yourself further and work harder. You will learn to take on new challenges with more enthusiasm. You will also learn how to overcome your setbacks and challenges and continue to improve upon your skills. Those who have a growth mindset believe that intelligence is something that can be improved, developed, and enhanced.

Your growth mindset encourages you to get smarter, because you see the importance of using your intelligence to solve problems and go beyond your capabilities. Individuals with a fixed mindset do not get smarter, but they become dumber just from trying to get smarter. You do not want to become dumb, you just want to get smarter. If you do not use your intelligence to solve problems or get smarter, you may miss out on getting a lot done.

Students with growth mindset understand that learning is a lifelong process. They encourage students to set big goals and to stretch themselves to accomplish those goals. Students with a fixed mindset to think that they can learn everything right now, and that they should not bother to learn anything else. They may even discourage their students from trying to learn additional skills or pursuing advanced studies because of their belief that they cannot achieve anything.

Growth mindset and intelligence are necessary for success in life. It is important for you to find growth mindset and intelligence when it comes to challenges in life. Do not be afraid of challenges, because these will serve as stepping stones to make you smarter. Do not limit yourself to a small number of opportunities, but rather try to get out there and meet as many challenges as you can.