Self-Limiting Beliefs

When you think of yourself do you have negative self-limiting beliefs? Everyone does. Some people have positive self-limiting beliefs, but unfortunately many people have negative self limiting beliefs. You want to change your negative self-limiting beliefs to positive ones.

What can you do to change your self-limiting beliefs? Here is what you need to do. Take a new belief and replace it with a new belief. Replace one negative belief with a new belief:

Replace a negative belief with a new belief: My new belief is this. I don’t like this. This isn’t good enough for me. I want more of this. I am better than this.

Replace your negative self-limiting beliefs with a good enough belief: I am good enough/pretty enough, I am pretty/fat enough, I am young/old enough/athletic enough, I am smart enough/wise enough etc…. What do you say to yourself when you hear those thoughts? Are they helping you? Don t say “I don t even deserve these things.” When you hear that kind of response don t respond to it by wondering why you are so bad or why someone else is better than you.

Instead respond by recognizing that you have control of that overwhelming emotion and that you are now capable of changing that. It is not your fault that the emotion is there. That is your problem. Change your self-limiting beliefs and change your unwanted emotion.

Then replace your negative self-limiting beliefs with a more positive and empowering belief: I am loved, accepted, beautiful, smart, pretty, healthy, talented etc… Can you feel those feelings and change them into empowering thoughts? You can! And you can do this anytime you want.

Self-limiting beliefs and the way we think are caused by our cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are beliefs that are harmful because they lead us to believe something different than the truth. For example, many people believe that we only have two options: We can either be successful or we can be a failure. Most people believe that they must work very hard in order to be successful. And many people also believe that they must act in a certain way in order to be perceived as successful in their jobs.

The good news is that you can break these cognitive distortions and release the damaging thought and emotion patterns that are causing you to suffer. The method that I teach my clients to use for this purpose is called cognitive reframing. This is where they break up the damaging thought and emotion patterns and replace them with more empowering and positive ones. By doing this, rather than covering up and masking the symptoms of their cognitive distortions, they can empower and heal themselves.

In addition to breaking these self-limiting beliefs out of their frame of mind, my clients learn to deal with them in different ways. They learn how to change the way they think about the problem so that they are able to focus on solving it in new and different ways. They learn how to switch cognitive distortions to more empowering ones, so that they can then begin to feel confident about taking on whatever task comes their way, instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.