Top 3 Ways Limiting Beliefs Keeps Us Away From Success

What kind of self-defeating and limiting beliefs do you have that is preventing you from achieving your goals? Self-defeating and limiting beliefs can hold you back from everything you truly want out of life. In fact, they can keep you stuck in a rut and prevent you from reaching your full potential. You may have limiting beliefs right now that is keeping you from achieving success in your business or personal life. When you know what these beliefs are, though, it’s easier to break free from them and move on to a successful future.

One of the most common limiting beliefs you may have is “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unable to do this”, or “I don’t have the personality to do this.” What kinds of excuses do you often give yourself in order to not go after what you really want? Limiting beliefs are misconceptions, thoughts, or opinions that you hold to be the truth. They often have an ill effect on you by preventing you from progressing and growing on a professional and personal level. Here are some examples:

“I’m not smart enough to start my own business” This is a false belief that keeps you stuck in your day to day routine with no scope for growth or expansion. By holding this false belief, you are holding yourself back from seeing how the world works and what you can actually do. Believing that you are incapable of starting your own business, or that you have to rely on someone else to do it for you just keeps you stuck in a rut of ineffective activities. You may also hold the belief that since you’re not smart enough or capable enough to change careers, you need to stick with what you are doing. This can keep you stuck in jobs that offer you no hope for progression.

“I can’t have the things I want” Another one of the limiting beliefs is that you are unable to get what you desire. The inability to have what you desire stems from limiting beliefs about money and power. You may believe that because you are not financially secure or have very little money, that you can’t have the things you desire. By holding these limiting beliefs, you will keep yourself from taking any action towards financial freedom and power. By making changes to your mindset, you will be able to access the tools and resources you need in order to move forward toward your goals and dreams.

“It will take me so long to get into graduate school” Another common limiting belief is that it will take you too long to get into graduate school. As a graduate student, you will face many unique and challenging obstacles. There is absolutely nothing in the world or human nature that is set in stone or determines how long someone will be in school. Holding the belief that someone who is more educated or has more experience than you do will result in many ways for you to delay getting started in your career and education.

Limiting beliefs can hold you back from taking action and achieving your goals. To overcome your limiting beliefs, you need to identify them, evaluate them, and replace them with more empowering and positive beliefs. Once you do this, you will then begin to see your goals and dreams come alive. You will feel inspired every day to take the necessary actions in order to reach your goals. Changing your beliefs about yourself and others is the first step on the road to success.