What Affects Self-Esteem? What Can Be Done To Improve It?

What affects self-esteem in children? What are the possible threats that a child faces if he does not grow up to be confident and successful in life? We hear so much about different crimes committed by teenagers and we know how dangerous it is for a teenager to be alone at home. A home without a parent or guardian makes a teenager more at risk. All parents and guardians should do their best to help a teenager develop his personality, confidence and leadership skills.

There are many factors that affect a person’s self-esteem. One of them is the image that people have of him. This is very important. If a person has low self-esteem, people will consider him as someone who is lazy, stupid or a nobody. He will not be able to do anything to improve his image and he will suffer from negative thoughts regarding other people.

Teenagers go through many changes in their lives and one of these changes is a change in their image. People begin to see them differently due to physical changes. Skin pigmentation, hair color, body build and height alter. The teenager is now considered as an outcast, which lowers his self-esteem. The reason for this is because the teenager wants to belong to a group and be accepted.

These changes can be devastating for the psyche of a person. His level of self-esteem sinks down and he starts to feel less confident. He begins to neglect himself and not perform well in school or at work. Sometimes, he feels hopeless and wonders what is wrong with him.

Parents should talk to their children about these self-esteem changes. They should understand what these changes mean and should be able to help their children deal with the changes. Their task is to encourage their son or daughter to believe in him despite these setbacks. When they see that their kid is determined and hardworking, they will have positive thoughts about themselves.

What affects self-esteem when a person loses a parent, friend or a close colleague? It affects the person’s opinion about himself. The person thinks that he is not valuable any longer and this causes low self-esteem. This could be caused by some traumatic incident that was experienced by the other person. A breakup with someone special is the biggest reason for such changes in the outlook of a person.

What affects self-esteem further is the way the person handles various situations. For example, if a person tends to procrastinate or if he remains focused on doing something rather than working on it, he will have low self-esteem. When he gets things done at a proper time, he gets praises for them and this gives him a sense of satisfaction. This makes him happy. When he gets praises and recognition for his achievements, he feels proud and thus lifts up his self-esteem. Such actions build confidence in the person.

What affects self-esteem more than anything else is the way you treat yourself. If you are constantly belittling yourself and telling yourself that you are worthless, you will have low self-esteem. Thus, begin to learn to value yourself more and start changing your attitude. If you are aware of the fact that your behavior is causing changes in the way others perceive you, then you should change your behavior right away. The changes that come about because of the changes in the attitude of a person affect self-esteem.

Another important question that comes to our mind when we ask about what affects self-esteem is the way in which we relate to other people. The way we interact with other human beings has a strong effect on how far we have reached in terms of our self-esteem. In particular, if we see other people negatively and if we attribute negative traits and behaviors to them, our self-esteem goes down.

One can never escape the realities of life. In fact, most of us tend to ignore these realities and move on with our lives without any consciousness. However, this is not the best option available. You should try as much as possible to keep yourself busy so that you do not have any time to sit back and analyze the changes in your personality. When you become aware of the changes in your way of thinking and behaving, you will be able to take measures in order to correct it.

A major part of the question “what affects self-esteem” deals with the changes in diet. If you are taking unhealthy diet, this will have a negative impact on your health and can lead to various complications later on. It is important to stick to a proper diet and eat only what your body needs and nothing more. Otherwise, your health will start to deteriorate. You should also make it a point to get regular exercise as it is also a very important factor in improving your health.